Storage Facilities: Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01.What is the minimum rental period?
  • 02. How long can I keep renting for?
  • 03.Can I pay my fees weekly?
    Rents are generally payable either fortnightly or monthly in advance, whichever suits you best. In some limited circumstances we do allow weekly payments. This can be discussed at the time of storage.
  • 04. Do you charge a bond?
    Yes we do. Our bond is $120.00. This primarily covers your access card and key. Provided all is in order with your unit and your rental payments this bond is refunded to you when you have moved out and have returned the access card and key to us.
  • 05. What notice do I have to give when moving out?
    We require two weeks notice of move out. This allows us to advertise the unit as coming available and re-rent it.
  • 06. What can I store?
    You can store almost anything in our units. This can include:
    - Household items
    - Sports equipment
    - Luggage
    - Documents
    - Tools
    - Vehicles
    - Business stock and equipment
  • 07. What can’t I store?
    For the safety of all our clients there are some items that we prohibit you from storing and these are detailed on our storage agreement. Generally these are hazardous and flammable items and food or other items that might attract rats and mice. We also prohibit stolen or illegal items. Please check our agreement for exact details or check with us if you are unsure.
  • 08.Can I work on my car or other project in my unit?
    No. Our units are for storage only. If you want to do some sort of very light work on something please check with us as we may allow it in limited circumstances. The use of power tools, welders etc is strictly prohibited due to the risk of fire.
  • 09. What time of the day can I access my unit?
    Access is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This includes public holidays.
  • 10. Do you have outdoor storage?
    No. All of our storage spaces are indoor units.
  • 11. Do you have a trailer available?
    No we don’t. Generally our clients who need a trailer and don’t have one of their own hire one from one of the nearby service stations.
  • 12. How much space will I need?
    On our Availability and Prices page we detail the size of each of our units and what sort of things they are suitable for. If you need help deciding please get in contact with a list of what you have to store and we’ll advise on what we think you’ll need. The more detail you can provide us with the better.
  • 13. Can I change units if my needs change?
    Yes. If you find you wish to change to a larger or smaller unit you can if the correct size unit is available. If it isn’t we’ll give you priority as an existing customer when the next appropriate one becomes available.
  • 14. Is the facility secure?
    We do everything we can to ensure that your stored items are probably safer than they would be if they were stored at your house. The features that allow us to do this include electronic gate access, individually alarmed units, smoke detectors in each unit, night floodlighting and 24 hours recorded video surveillance. You can check our security here.
  • 15. Do you insure my goods?
    No we don’t. If you want your goods insured we suggest you have contents insurance and check the policy to see what it says about stored items. Most modern policies allow storage up to a certain value for a certain period of time however we advise people to notify their insurer so that the changed risk can be noted on the policy to ensure you are covered in the unlikely event of something going wrong.
  • 16. Do I need to provide ID when renting a unit?
    Yes. We accept most forms of photo ID. This is usually a Driver Licence or Passport.
  • 17. Can you accept delivery of my items if I can’t be there?
    We don’t normally accept items on your behalf however in limited circumstances we can, with prior arrangement, organise to open the storage unit and allow your movers to place your items in the unit. This is particularly helpful if you happen to be out of town when the delivery is scheduled. Depending on the circumstances an additional fee may be payable. Please get in touch if you wish to discuss options around this.
  • 18. I see that the ideal unit is available. How do I go about renting it?
    If you check our Availability and Prices page and find that the ideal unit is available please use our Contact Us page to let us know that you’d like to proceed with the rental and whether you’d prefer to pay the rental fortnightly or monthly. We’ll then send you a storage agreement and payment details. Once you have paid the initial fee (first period of rental and the bond) the unit will be reserved for you.
  • 19. Can I pay by credit or debit card?
    Yes you can but our bank charges a 3% surcharge for such transactions that we pass on. We make no additional money from this. To avoid this surcharge we encourage our clients to make their initial payment via internet banking (on their phone if doing so while on site) and then to set up an on-going automatic payment for the fortnightly or monthly fees.