About All Secure Self Storage Christchurch

Secure storage

Secure, Purpose Built Premises

Our storage facility is fully secure

It was specifically designed and built to keep your possessions safe and is one of Christchurch’s most modern self-storage premises.

It combines proven security measures with the latest advancements and also complies with the new earthquake Building Code standards.

You can be sure that when you store with us you'll know that your possessions are safe and secure.



Visit whenever you want

Our electronic swipe cards give you easy access to your unit whenever you need it.

Your personalised card admits you through the entrance gate, automatically disarms your unit's alarm and logs a record of your visit. When you swipe out through our access gate, your unit's alarm is automatically re-set.

For you this means that when you store with us you'll get unlimited access to your unit and peace of mind.

24/7 swipe access


It's a well established fact that good alarm systems reduce risk

A reliable alarm system is a very powerful deterrent in reducing the threat of unwanted entry.

That’s why our fully monitored and proven alarm system is linked individually to every unit at Safe Secure Self-Storage and also monitors un-authorised access onto the wider premises itself.

If someone tries to get in, we know about it immediately.



Keeping watch on your valuables,
24 hrs a day

Closed Circuit TV has a long history in the self storage industry and for good reason. It is another great deterrent against unwanted entry.

With modern advancements in this technology we now keep the storage facility under continual, recorded video surveillance. We can go back in time, at any time, and see who was doing what and when.

For you this means that you will know your unit is being watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Video surveillance
swipe card and key


With your own access card and padlock you are in control.

Your unit comes with its own, individual access card and padlock and you decide who gets a key.

No one can disarm the alarm in your unit without the access card and no one can open its door without the key.

This gives you total control over entry and guarantees your peace of mind. Sleep well at night knowing your items are secure.


We have the right people behind our technology

Security systems at Safe Secure Self Storage are fully monitored by people in Christchurch.

On top of dedicated security personnel, you have the added safety measures of electronic access logs and CCTV video footage.

Store with us and experience the difference our people can make.

fully monitored
smoke alarams


As the saying goes, "where there’s smoke there’s fire"

Although it is unlikely to happen, it can take only minutes for a small fire to become an inferno.

That’s why we have installed a comprehensive network of fire alarms to monitor our entire premises. These are linked to our alarm system so that if fire does break out, the Fire Service can be notified as soon as possible.

Store with us and keep your valuables safe and secure.


So bright, even in the middle of the night

Light has always played a major role in the safe keeping of people and possessions. Bright lighting means intruders have nowhere to hide.

That’s why we’ve installed full security lighting. As well as giving the assurance of protection and safekeeping, it also makes access easier, and makes you feel safer when you are visiting at night.

Security lighting
Drive up access


Easy drive up access to all unit's

Not so much a matter of security, but one of pure convenience.

Our purpose built premises is designed in a ‘U’ shape so that vehicles can drive through, and straight up to the door of any unit. The access road is fully paved and there’s enough room for trucks to deliver and pick up your goods.

Store with us and make life simple. Drive straight to your door.


Fences keep things in, and people out

Security was our major concern when we designed our self storage facility in Christchurch. That’s why we’ve ensured maximum security and protected our entire premises with premium security fencing and electric gates.

Unlike some facilities, our gates are not open unless someone is passing through them. At all other times they are closed, protecting your possessions.

Security fencing